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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?
Contact me at (888) 509-0526 or email me by using the contact form. A short conversation is enough to determine whether your situation would benefit from my specialized legal expertise. The next step would be to schedule a one-hour strategy consultation. I will be able to travel to your home or office for this meeting. My approach to working with clients is to provide committed and experienced counsel as conveniently as possible to minimize the intrusion of legal matters in your life. 

What does the Strategy Consultation cover?
For an hour I will listen closely to the details of your situation. I will explain which laws apply, and how. From this foundation I will outline the strategies for pursuing your goals. After a consultation some families have a clear direction and a firm plan for taking further steps on their own. Others decide they need my services to pursue their interests and reach their goals. Either way, clients gain confidence that they are following the strongest course of action—applying the full weight of the law—to solve the problem.

How do I know if I have done everything that can be done to fix the situation?
Let’s talk. Clients have usually taken a number of action steps before calling me. Yet nothing has worked and frustrations are mounting.  Clients also may have done online research, resulting in confusion about what is and isn’t legally possible. When we sit down for a consultation, I can clarify how the law relates to your specific situation and identify what opportunities the legal system offers to further pursue your goal.

If I hire you, does that mean my case will have a trial?
I can often achieve success through effective communication, mediation and negotiation. Some problems necessitate more formal hearings. Others require formal trials. Whichever path we decide to take, at every step of the way I will keep you informed of your rights and the best way to protect them. 

What age students do you serve? 
I serve clients of all ages, in all areas of education. This includes public schools, private schools, charter schools and colleges.

In what geographic area do you practice?
I represent clients anywhere throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

How much do your services cost?
The one-hour strategy consultation is a one-time fee of $350. My services after that are billed hourly. 

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