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Every child deserves a safe school.

By law schools must take reasonable steps against known incidents. This means the school must investigate claims. They also must report to parents on the results of their inquiry and on the action they may take. Judges are not likely to second-guess a school that has performed an adequate investigation and taken adequate steps.

Yet many parents believe that a school has not done enough, or acted quickly enough, to protect their child. Having worked in a variety of schools, I know the strategies schools use to explore and handle bullying. Focusing on the details of your situation, I can make communications with the school more effective and ensure that proper procedures are followed. If a school has not yet responded appropriately, then I will outline what remedies the law provides to ensure that your child feels safe at school.

Teachers Can Be Liable For Harassment, Too.

There is no excuse for a teacher threatening, ridiculing or mishandling a child in any Connecticut school, whether it is public, private, parochial, magnet, charter or vocational. If that happens to your child, contact a lawyer for students' rights like Gregory Smith. You may need help forcing officials to recognize the situation and take steps to address it.