School Law


Officials are human. They make mistakes. But when they refuse to fix their mistakes, we will fight to get our clients everything they deserve.

Advice You Can Trust

Greg Smith counsels students and teachers. Students and their families want to know how far officials can go. Teachers doubt their union’s loyalty and want a second opinion. All of them want to know their rights and need reliable guidance. Attorney Smith provides solid answers.

Capable Representation For Difficult Issues

Bad decisions can harm a child’s future and a teacher’s career. Students and teachers need action against discipline, harassment and other threats. Greg Smith steers his clients through hearings and investigations, When necessary he will take officials to state and federal court.

“He took the extra time to provide us timely, efficient and effective service of the highest caliber.”


“He has helped our family navigate through a difficult case with sensitivity and kindness.”


“Thorough and professional in a difficult situation… I recommend him without reservation.”


Why Other Lawyers Refer Their Clients to Gregory Smith

Attorney Smith has a statewide reputation for school law. He has over a decade of experience fighting for the interest of students and teachers. Schools have their own lawyers. Fairfield County Education Attorney Gregory Smith puts his clients on an equal footing.

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