Stand up for your rights

Schools are meant to be wonderful places where students can grow and learn. However, sometimes these institutions make mistakes that undermine the foundation of the education process. I know because for thirty years I taught students and supervised teachers in a variety of schools. Since 2011 I have served the same people as a lawyer. 

I devote my practice to the safety, accessibility and fairness of schools. I serve students of every age. I fight every problem that jeopardizes learning. I also work for teachers when unfairness threatens their livelihood. 

Students and families often find it too difficult on their own to navigate problems at school. School districts have complex systems, established procedures and many decision-makers. They also have the advice of full-time legal counsel. 

Standing up for your rights may feel like challenging an adversary that makes all the rules. Even when conflicts are resolved, students still need to maintain constructive relationships with school personnel. My knowledge of schools and the law helps my clients achieve positive outcomes with short-term and long-term consequences.

Schools have their attorneys. You need your own. Contact me to stand up for you