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Officials are human. They make mistakes. But when they refuse to fix their mistakes, we will fight to get our clients everything they deserve.

Federal And State Laws Are Clear.

Bad decisions can harm a child’s future and a teacher’s career. By law, school boards must not let their officials tolerate discrimination. And they are liable when official negligence or misjudgment leads to physical injury or emotional suffering. Other Connecticut lawyers know that no one else has education attorney Greg Smith’s mix of knowledge and skill. Put his expertise to work for you.

Students Must Be Able To Learn In Safety

The federal anti-discrimination statute known as Title IX outlaws unwelcome sexual conduct. Connecticut school lawyer Gregory Smith has forty years’ experience in the classroom and in the courtroom. He has represented both the victims of sexual harassment and those unfairly accused of perpetrating it. Let him see how he can help you.

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Fairfield County Education Attorney Smith

Before they call Greg, people are frustrated. They’re tired of officials talking in circles. They’re tired of fighting over problems at school. In hiring him, they feel relieved. They have a professional that will talk to them in plain English. They know they have an education attorney strong enough to make people at school take them seriously.

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