School lawyer Gregory Smith represents students. He focuses on clients in public and private school grades K – 12. He has a substantial practice in claims of sexual harassment in federal court under Title IX.

“Judge Rules Against New Fairfield Schools in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit. — Danbury News-Times

Greg Smith wins compensation for the victims of harassment and bullying. He defends students against unfair discipline. He protects the disabled from discrimination.

“Connecticut School Sued Over Coach That Lacked Permit.” — USA Today

Gregory Smith enjoys a statewide reputation for his work as a school lawyer. Fellow attorneys refer their clients’ school matters to him. He has won awards from the Connecticut Bar Association for his pro bono work on behalf of indigent students.

“Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy, he has helped our family navigate through a difficult case with sensitivity and kindness.”

Greg Smith counsels students and parents on all matters having to do with public and private elementary and secondary schools. On his clients’ behalf he argues cases in administrative hearings and pursues claims in state and federal courts.

“I feel more confident now knowing that I can reach out to you.”

One reason clients come to Greg Smith as a school lawyer is his long experience as a teacher. Greg taught public high school for thirty years in Massachusetts and Connecticut. In the eleven years since then he has continued his work for adolescents, this time as a lawyer representing theirs and their families’ legal interests.

“You will be our go-to attorney.”

Recent Cases

Mother Settles Lawsuit Against Danbury for Paraprofessional’s Assault on Her Autistic Child.

Bridgeport Settles Civil Rights Case Against Music Teacher for Her Attack on a Student on a 504 Plan.

Cheshire Student Brings Federal Discrimination Claims Against the Principal of His Elementary School.